Sailing Instructor – How To Become One. Volunteering.

I was a volunteer at ANA sail where I was working with the instructors to run different levels of sailing courses. I predominantly helped on the beginners course, but also worked with the students from the advanced course. Along with helping with the administration of the course and helping the students where needed, I also cleaned the boats at the end of the weeks’ courses, ready for the new students.

Brendan, Australia
Would you like a career in sailing?

Become a
sailing instructor in ANA

To all those who wish to engage in professional sailing, ANA can provide an opportunity to become a sailing instructor.

Teaching to sail is a fulfilling career and a great way to do what sailors love the most. To spend a lot of time at the sea. And at the same time get paid for it!

The path to this goal is not to be taken lightly. But is not unattainable, as evidenced by the fact that all our instructors went through it and are willing to share their experience with new candidates.

The training program for sailing instructors happens in several stages.

What is needed to become a sailing instructor?

To become an instructor, it is necessary to pass at least:

  • Basics of sailing
  • Advanced sailing or RYA Day Skipper
  • Skipper sailing or RYA Coastal Skipper

It is recommended to sail further and gain additional experience in, or outside of our school. From the beginning, it is possible to apply for work in ANA for jobs on the mainland as a volunteer. That includes carrying out administrative tasks, maintenance of boats, direct relationship with the participants, etc. At the same time, each candidate will be given opportunities to sail in order to upgrade their sailing skills.

When the candidate is ready to move on, he can attend the instructor course, which is held every spring in Jezera.

After a successful period of training the candidate can achieve the position of an independent sailing instructor. It could be different for each candidate, and is based on mutual interests.

If you want a career as a sailing instructor, please contact us.  If work in our school sounds attractive, please, let us know. If you want to improve your skills while being involved in various tasks, please contact us. We’ll try to find the most appropriate model of cooperation.

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