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First Minute Sailing 2019. – Book Your Program!

  Sailing season 2019.! Dear new and existing sailors, we are happy to announce our First minute sailing sales conditions for 2019. sailing season. Who for? The beginners who want to step in the world of sailing Sailors who have already learned their first steps: Extended Sailing Skills, Coastal Sailing and Cruising More advanced sailors who enjoy the sailing lifestyle:  Dubrovnik, south Dalmatia, Montenegro For all those who want to try something new: Digital Detox, Sailing into unknown Those who want to become skippers Those who preffer leisure sailing The companies who [...]

Sailing trip

The sea, the sails and you – The Ultimate Trio

What do you see when you close your eyes? Maybe the sea, maybe the sun. Could it be the wind? We’ve got an answer for you – a one-day sailing adventure! Use one of your days off to sail to Kaprije – pure bliss! Since the old days, people loved being around the seaside, and the fast lives we are living today are making us long for experiencing the true beauty and calmness of nature. A simple, yet amazing idea of [...]

Get to know Jezera and island Murter

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Active holidays

The modern way of living has taught us to appreciate free time. Sometimes we don’t have as much as we want, so we want to it on active holidays. Or, at least, a part of it.

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Sailing skills development...

For almost 30 years, we have been creating future sailors, accompanying them in their initial steps when they fall in love with sailing until their sailing independence and new lifestyle.

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