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First minute Spring sailing in ANA

First Minute Sailing – Great Offers in February!

Sailing season is just around corner! First minute offers in February… February, traditional month of carnival and love brings you another special treat in the form of favorable First minute prices! Welcome spring! 1.Your dream can come true – learn to sail in the early spring! Basics of Sailing – discount 18% – promo code FEB18 Available dates: 31.03.-04.04. 07.04.-12.04. 14.04.-19.04. 21.04.-26.04. 28.04.-03.05. 2. Fast, faster, fastest! Master the spinnaker! Advanced Sailing – Sailing Skills & Navigation – discount 16% – promo code FEB16 Available terms: 31.03.-04.04. 07.04.-12.04. 21.04.-26.04. 28.04.-03.05. 3. Experience waking up in the middle of [...]

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Active holidays

Modern life has taught us to appreciate leisure. Sometimes it is so small that by the customs of those that we associate with the holidays, and we want to actively spend at least part of the time.

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Sailing skills development...

Almost 30 years building the future sailors accompanying them and focusing on initial steps, when is born love of sailing, the sea and the wind all the way to independence and a new lifestyle.

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