Sailing Team Building – Create a Winning Team!

Sailing Team Building  – actively to success!

ANA gives you great idea for team building – sailing!
Nowadays, successful companies recognize the importance of employees productivity and positive organizational climate in order to achieve business goals.
Sailing is an ideal activity for team building. It offers a dynamic and challenging natural environment in which cooperation and team spirit of the crew are prerequisites for success. Our sailing team building program strongly promotes joint planning and implementation of tasks. Program is held in an attractive and technically specific place, such is a sailing boat in dynamic game of the sea and wind.

Why sailing?

Through teamwork on the boat, which includes planning, decision making, problem solving, conflict management, you will recognize the full potential and the way of functioning of each team member. In carrying out its activities, the participants will get to know each other better, through coping with challenging situations.
It will create the foundation of building a relationship of trust and closer ties in a stimulating atmosphere.

Duration of team building depends mostly on the time you can afford. Preferably from one to three days, even up to 4 full days of sailing in ANA. Our offer will be adapted to your wishes and expectations.
The possibilities are various; time and space for your lectures (our classroom, boat or an island), sailing in the Kornati National Park or elsewhere, sleep on land or boat, meals on board or on one of the islands, dinner by your choice, team uniforms (branded shirts) etc.

Daily activities

The day looks something like this:
Morning lectures will prepare all the team members for the specific role in the management of a sailboat.
During the sailing, all participants are actively involved through the various tasks required in navigation.
Evenings are dedicated for review of events throughout the day, socializing, relaxation and fun.
Our domestic and international customers who have given us their approval and were happy with the events are: Eurotrade, Combis, In2, VIP, Hypo-leasing, Oracle, SiMobil, Ewe Comp Avtera BH, Coca-Cola, ABS Ltd, Aquasystemi, Tenecco Automotive Europe, Mellon Serbia etc.