Adriatic Cruising – Explore the Most Beautiful Sea!

Adriatic Cruising

Is there anything nicer than a day spent in good company with the soothing sounds of the sea and wind? If this is exactly how you imagine your ideal sweet escape from everyday life, it’s time to experience a cruise with us!

Choose the program that best suits your perfect vacation and spend a few days actively discovering new places, new beautiful secluded coves and uninhabited islands, while inhaling the scent of the sea. A hectic lifestyle and different interests often limit us in our choices, and even how we will spend the little free time we have. That’s why we created courses for everyone.

Explore the Most Beautiful Sea

Are you a true gourmand who enjoys exploring new places but also discovering new flavors? Join us on Gourmet Sailing in the good company of new friends for whom enjoying food is their second favorite thing after sailing, just like you!

If you have been thinking about switching off for a few days, trust us that there is no better place to do it than the high seas. Charge your batteries with the warmth of the sun and energy of the wind and surrender to the hands of our experienced skippers who will take you on a sailing adventure into the unknown.

For true adventurers who find their inner peace as far away from the mainland as possible, the right choice is offshore sailing. Test the limits of your endurance by sailing to the very entrance to the Adriatic Sea – the Strait of Otranto.

Whether you want a real adrenaline adventure or just a few days of enjoyment and rest on the waves, sail with us. Meet new places and new friends, spend evenings having pleasant conversations, and days actively discovering the beauties of the Adriatic. Hold, cut, raise! Because there is nothing more beautiful than the wind in the sails!