Advanced Sailing – Improve Your Sailing Skills!

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Advanced sailing – improve your sailing!

Improve your skills and embark carefree on the ship of new adventures. If you have already made your first sailing steps and completed the basic sailing course, this is the ideal time to upgrade your knowledge. With experienced instructors learn classic navigation (terrestrial), how to sail with a spinnaker and docking using engine – everything you need to be able to move on to sailing on your own!A secluded quiet cove or swaying on the waves. Magical sunsets and the unpredictability of the sea. The real adventure begins only when the wind blows harder into the sails. Whether sailing is your newfound passion or desire from a young age, this hobby easily becomes a way of life.

Do you dream of a peaceful vacation in an idyllic bay surrounded by untouched nature or are you a fan of adrenaline? Maybe you just want to sail the way the wind blows. Sailing is one of those skills that will not only relax you but also entertain you and reveal hidden coves, the most beautiful beaches and inner peace that no storm can disturb.

Leave everyday life far behind on land, because on the high seas time flows differently. The beauty of sailing is exactly in the maximum flexibility it provides you, at all times.

Why sailing?

Sailing is an ideal combination of a relaxing and active vacation, and in an advanced sailing course you will have the opportunity to apply the basics of sailing and improve them and learn new techniques. You will learn everything about navigation, including how to navigate at night and how to increase the speed of a sailboat in low wind conditions using one of the most attractive sails – the spinnaker.

Engaging in more advanced sailing and new challenges, repeat the knowledge you have already acquired, improve your technique and gain security and self-confidence. Sail with us and get ready for your first real sea adventure with experienced instructors!