Black Friday Sailing – Learn to Sail at Incredible Prices!

Black Friday sailing –  Basics of sailing course, discount for all dates!

You would like to learn to sail? With Black Friday sailing, easier than ever!

Basics of sailing is a course for beginners who have never sailed before and want to spend their vacation actively.
In 30 years of our existance and experience, we have gained the trust of thousands of participants who have been continuously sailing with us. Many of them come regularly every season. Some have become sailing instructors. And almost all of them adopted sailing as a lifestyle. Whether you are an individual who wants to learn sailing skills or a family who want to actively spend a holiday together, we’ll ensure that you want to come back.

Apply a coupon, and get 70 EUR discount for all dates for the Basics of sailing course. The coupon is fridaybasic. Promotion is valid from 21st till 28th of the November. Visit the Basics of sailing page and choose the date. Step in to this beautiful world!

Special prices for two dates of the course Basics of sailing:

13.03.-18.03.2021.    503 EUR    SPECIAL  378 EUR
10.04.-15.04.2021.     503 EUR    SPECIAL  378 EUR


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Advanced sailing – Black Friday discount for all dates in 2021.

You have made the first sailing steps which convinced you that sailing is the right activity for you! That’s why you want more, and besides the sailing, you are looking forward to meeting new friends, learning more, and having a great time in a beautiful environment. This course is an upgrade to the basic sailing knowledge, and you will learn how to adapt to the sailing and  weather conditions at sea, and through the advanced sailing, repeat already acquired knowledge.
You can choose between two advanced programs – Sailing Skills and Navigation or Coastal Sailing and Cruising.
Apply a coupon fridayadvance, and get 99 EUR discount for all dates in 2021. Promotion is valid from 21st till 28th of the November.


Sailing for beginners

It’s easy to learn the basic theory from our handbook before sailing out.  The handbook is in Croatian and in English. After getting to know the theory, it’s time to sail out and apply your newly-learned skills. Our professional instructors will lead you through the learning process, while at the same time you are going to enjoy friendly environment, meet new people and have some fun. You will acquire new skills like basics of steering, sail handling, participation in daily routine work on the boat; sailed miles 120 NM (approx).
This sailing program is for all adults (aged 16 to 18 with parental written consent).
The only prerequisite is swimming skills. And readiness for physical activities, indeed!


What are you going to learn on this beginner sailing course?

You’ll start by learning the names of parts of the sailboat in English. You’ll learn the basic movement directions of the sailboat, how to set up the sails, where does each crew member exactly have to be and when. You’ll learn which sails there are and when to use them, trimming the sails according to the wind.