Sailing FAQ – Quick Answers to Common Queries

Sailing FAQ

Can’t find answers? You can contact us. We are here and happy to help. Simple question? Check out the this Sailing FAQ sections for quick answers to common queries.

Why do people like sailing?

It’s a fun, exciting physical activity!
Sailing can be as fast and as exciting as you want. It can also be easygoing and relaxing. It can be competitive, if you like. It challenges all your senses. It can also take you to remote magical bays, new friendships, better physical condition, exciting discovering of unknown events, places, people… The choice is yours!

Why would I choose sailing in ANA?

ANA is a school and sailing center with 30 year old long tradition. The total number of participants is over 15000. ANA is positioned side by side with the best sailing schools in the Mediterranean. Our instructors are extremely experienced sailors, some of them even have the experience of ocean sailing. We are continuously developing various sailing programs, in order to provide a wide range of sailing experiences to our participants who can either choose full education, or one of our carefully designed training programs.

Most attention is being paid to the safety of participants, professional development of our instructors, as well as the planning of sailing routes. You will have plenty opportunities to you meet people from all over the world and may pave the way for long-lasting friendships.

Families will spend quality time together, people looking for active holidays will be satisfied, and solo travelers will feel welcome in this environment.

Murter location has not been chosen accidentally, it was selected carefully because of the microclimate characteristics and the unique coastline, which ensures continuity of the winds throughout the entire year.
You will have an opportunity to devote your free time to visiting natural surrounding beauties, including National Park Krka.

What is the required level of physical condition?

We expect that participants are averagely healthy and have average physical condition with compulsory knowledge of swimming.

Is sailing dangerous?

Sailing has been considered a safe activity. Possibility of injury is minimal. Participants are expected to have adequate equipment and clothing, to comply with the guidelines and to follow the instructions. By doing so, the risks are minimized.

How long will it take to learn sailing?

As in any new activity, you will face mastering new and unfamiliar skills and terminology. You can take several sailing programs to become an excellent sailor, but the most basic sailing techniques can be mastered during the course Basics of Sailing.

Am I too old for sailing?

Sailing is an activity you can do at any point in your life. You can start learning sailing skills in your mature age. You are never too old if you are healthy and in good physical condition. The atmosphere in ANA is multicultural, inspiring and encouraging for all age and social groups.

I’m thinking about coming with the family, but what are they supposed to do while I sail?

If they have swimming skills, they can join one of the adequate sailing programs. Please pay close attention to the safety of young children. Families enjoy sailing together; they build togetherness and respect. We know that sailing is ideal active vacation in which all family members participate, so we created special prices for the families. Wouldn’t it be great, beside fun and activity, to start building your future family crew which will sail together on a rented boat, or even your own?

If your family prefers to stay on the mainland, there are beautiful beaches with a natural shade, promenades along the sea, nearby cities with a rich history, as well as two national parks to visit: Krka and Kornati.

What is the age limit for children?

Children 8-16 years of age can participate in sailing programs accompanied by a parent or guardian, and after 16 years of age they can participate individually with a written consent of parents or guardians.

Can I apply for a course individually, or do I need a group of people?

You can enroll individually. 90% of our participants enroll individually. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends.

How to get to Murter?

Highway A1 – exit Pirovac.

Croatia has a modern road network. Motorways that stretch from the border crossings; for example Bregana and Macelj (border with Slovenia – connection to Austria, Italy), Gori (Hungarian border – connection to Central Europe), Rupa (border with Slovenia – connection to Italy), Lipovac (border with Serbia – links to eastern Europe) allow fast and convenient access to cars to the Adriatic sea and our base on the island of Murter in a matter of hours. You must exit the A1 highway at the exit Pirovac and after 22 km you will arrive in Jezera on the island of Murter. Island Murter is connected to the mainland by a drawbridge, across the narrow sea passage that rises twice a day during the summer months, for 30 minutes each time.
during the summer months rising twice a day for 30 minutes.
Most Tisno: closed to traffic 9:00 to 9:30 and 17:00 to 17:30.


The nearest airports are Split (92 km) and Zadar (69 km).
We organize transport from the airport to our base at a price of 60 EUR / transfer from Zadar Airport, and 90 EUR / transfer from Split airport.

Where can I park my car?

Parking is recommended in ACI Marina Jezera or in the city Jezera. Upon arrival, you can buy a weekly parking ticket in Tisno, Ježinac Ltd. Price for the weekly ticket is 130 Kn. Parking must be paid during the period 01.06 – 30.09.

What kind of accommodation do you recommend?

Accommodation for sailing programs which include daily returns to marina Jezera (Basics of Sailing and Sailing skills and navigation) can be provided on school boats. This is a simple, austere accommodation with the use of sanitary facilities of marina Jezera. We provide this accommodation on first come first serve basis. The symbolic price of the accommodation onboard for 3 nights is total 150 Kn ( 20 EUR) for the short course, and total 250 Kn ( 33 EUR) for the full 5 days course.
The price includes bed linen, tourist tax and VAT.

Participants who prefer more comfort can book any type of accommodation independently. It is payable directly to the landlord. If a participant needs assistance in private booking process, we will do our best to help and / or recommend such an accommodation.
All other sailing programs are being held on comfortable boats, and accommodation is part of the program and included in the price.

Are the meals organized?

Meals for sailing programs which include daily returns to marina Jezera (Basics of Sailing and Extended sailing skills and navigation) are organized by participants at their own expense. In Jezera, there are various restaurants, taverns, pizzerias and shops.
For all other sailing programs, meals will be organized in consultation with the instructor at the beginning of the course and at the expense of participants.

What should I bring?

Please bring adequate and must have sailing items: sailing gloves, two pairs of non-slip shoes or sneakers, T-shirts – short and long-sleeved, short and long pants, the strongest sunscreen, a cap or a hat, sunglasses, towels, personal hygiene items, bathing suit, waterproof warm jacket and pants (in cold months), sleeping bag if you are accommodated on the boat, mosquito repellent.

Please remember to bring personal medications if required.
You will need to drink a lot of water every day, so please have a bottle of water with you at all times.

Where can I buy sailing gloves?

We recommend buying them in advance (shops with nautical and / or sporting goods). You can buy them at the store Musto (Murter) or at the store Tica (Murter or Vodice).

What about seasickness?

Rare individuals may experience symptoms of seasickness in specific weather conditions such as rough sea. In this case, please notify your instructor who will provide guidance.

What about bad weather?

In case of strong wind, rain and rough sea, your instructor will take into consideration the level of skill and readiness of participants, and based on that will decide which sailing techniques will be performed. Maybe you’ll get to know situations which you may face in the future individual sailing – and that’s the value of education. Please keep in mind that the safety of all participants and safety of the boat is a priority!

OK, so regardless of the weather, we will always sail away?

No. In unfavorable sailing weather conditions, we will not sail. It depends not only on the sea, wind and the weather forecast, but also about the degree of the course you are attending, as well as the achieved level of your skills.
Your instructor will discuss the situation with the Chief of the base. In the event of not being able to sail, your instructor will give you more theoretical lectures or practical exercises on land. Thus, you will sail for a longer time the next day if the weather allows it.

Do we have to take care of the boats by ourselves?

In addition to knowledge of sailing and maritime skills, ANA teaches to value and appreciate the nature, cultural and historical heritage of the Adriatic Sea. Big attention is given to the technological harmony of the boat. Therefore, each day begins with the preparation and review of the boat, and ends with arranging the boat. The last day of the course, the boat must be complete, functional and tidy for the next group of participants. We cherish maritime culture, therefore we encourage you to voluntarily participate in such activities. As future independent sailors you will practise those procedures on your own or rented boat.

Do you provide some preparation of the exam for the license category B?

If you have completed the course Basics of Sailing and one of more advanced programs (Sailing skills and navigation or Coastal sailing and cruising), you have all needed knowledge to pass the exam and get the license B category.
All other beginners need specific preparations. If you want to be ready to apply for the license, please enroll to program Preparation for the license exam.

What happens when the course is complete?

After completing the course, you will receive a diploma with a specified level of sailing knowledge. Also, international logbook with details of the practical experience and registered number of nautical miles.
After completing any program, you have a choice to attend other programs to upgrade acquired skills and collect additional NM.
It all happens in friendly environment with your fellow sailors and in the beautiful surroundings of the Adriatic Sea.

Thanks for checking out this Sailing FAQ section.

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