First Minute Sailing 2019. – Book Your Program!


Although March the 16th is still officially winter if you ask the calendar, we are raising our sails!

Our experienced sailors have already prepared the spirit and the body for the first encounter with the sea, and those who have not yet experienced the perfection of sailing might have some doubts about early spring and open sea.

Well yes, March and April can be tricky. Temperatures from 0 to 20, sea from 1 to 4, Popay is the only one on the horizon, no tourists…

But have no fear 🙂 Sailing in this time of the year is beautiful. Enchanting. Love at first sight. If you don’t trust us, try it yourself.

And it could be easier with those incredible prices for the Basics of sailing course:

16.03.-21.03.2019.     503 EUR    453 EUR*   SOLD OUT

23.03.-28.03.2019.    503 EUR    453 EUR

30.03.-03.04.2019.    503 EUR    453 EUR

06.04.-11.04.2019.     503 EUR    453 EUR

13.04.-18.04.2019.     503 EUR    453 EUR

20.04.-25.04.2019.     503 EUR    453 EUR   SOLD OUT

27.04.-02.05.2019.    503 EUR    453 EUR

*Prices may slightly vary, the booking system calculates EUR price based on the current exchange rate.


Payment: 40% upon the reservation, the rest 15 days prior to the program.
The offer does not include short and one day sailing programs, and can not be combined with other discounts.

You are welcome to call us  at +38551/711-814 or to contact us.

Sail with us!

Why sailing?

The modern way of living has taught us to appreciate free time. Sometimes we don’t have as much as we want, so we want to it on active holidays. Or, at least, a part of it.

It’s known widely that an active vacation in a natural environment is the healthiest vacation you can have. You will have it all – it is interesting, challenging, more complete and healthier. All trends show that in recent period, people enjoy more physical activities during their leisure time, it seems there are more and more adrenaline junkies. That is exactly what sailing is! So, grab your phone and book your First minute sailing course!

Why with us?

Because for the last three decades, in the beautiful surroundings of the sea, sun and wind, we conduct programs of sailing, to provide you with interesting ways of acquiring new skills, to provide you with opportunities to visit new astonishing places while having fun all the time. You will meet people with expectations similar to yours,  from all over the globe. You will hang out together and make friends for lifetime. You will develop sailing skills and learn to value and appreciate the nature. You will be physically active and have some time for yourself and other activities if you wish so. That’s why sailing and active holidays.