Group Discounts – Gather A Good Team And Sail!

Group discounts

We all know  how much we value socializing with nice people. Sometimes it happens that an enthusiastic initiator gathers a team interested in spending some time together.  That time is best spent under the sails, yet above the sea, on one of our beautiful sailboats. To make it easier for you, there are group discounts.

It is by no means necessary for all group members to have the same level of sailing skills. It is up to you to choose the desired program, and our instructors will adapt to different skill levels of each and every crew member. We guarantee that you will all enjoy sailing, either as a first-time sailor, or an old, experienced sail-o-holic!


We have great benefits for groups:
– For groups of 3 participants in periods 11.03.-28.04.2023. and 23.09.-30.10.2023. the discount is 15% off of the chosen program, in other periods 10%.
– For groups of 4 and more participants in periods 11.03.-28.04.2023. and 23.09.-30.10.2023. the discount is 20% off of the chosen program, in other periods 18%.

For a larger group, please contact our sales department.

This offer excludes RYA, short sailing programs and one-day programs, and it cannot be combined with other discounts. 

Why with us?

Because for the last three decades, in the beautiful surroundings of the sea, sun and wind, we conduct programs of sailing, to provide you with interesting ways of acquiring new skills, to provide you with opportunities to visit new astonishing places while having fun all the time. You will meet people with expectations similar to yours,  from all over the globe. You will hang out together and make friends for a lifetime. You will develop sailing skills and learn to value and appreciate the nature. You will be physically active and have some time for yourself and other activities if you wish so.

And one good idea…

Did you know that in the area of the unique National Park Kornati there are more than 20 top restaurants with a wide offer that will satisfy every palate. From simple indigenous homemade meals to conger eel pâté, tatar swordfish steak, gilthead bream carpaccio with truffles and capers and swordfish carpaccio with grapefruit and arugula.

Or just, make a lunch on the boat…

Sail with us!