Offshore sailing Otranto – Italian job 🐬⛵️

OTRANTO EVENING - Offshore sailing Otranto - Italian job 🐬⛵️

Offshore sailing Otranto – Italian job 🐬⛵️

Day 0; Saturday, May 05, 18:00
The crew gathered​;​ seven ​men​, one courageous lady and ​captain Živko Matutinović. The crew is international; sailors from Croatia and Romania.
As usual, first​ thing’s first -​ crew meeting. There is a short agreement on what is expected on the route and what is expected of the crew. The crew was divided into two teams; while sailing, one is in the cabin, the other on duty.

1st day; Sunday, May 06
The food supply was filled in the morning and the sailboat was ready for departure. Everything is ready!
At 11am we left for Lastovo. We​’ve​ sailed ​on Salon​a​ 45 “Mali Niko”; an ideal sailing boat for offshore sailing. Wind SE (bora) 13-16 knots, sails are full and the crew enjoys the speed that under these conditions ​”Mali Niko” ​achieves. During sailing we have prepared lunch – ​ risotto is ​on the menu ​today. This time we ate from “dog bowls”, under the conditions we were sailing​,​ glass was not desirable!
Around Hvar, the wind falls and disappears, and there is nothing left to do but to turn the motor on. For 4 long hours, all the way to Lastovo …

2nd day, Monday, May 07
After spending the night on Lastovo, we​’ve done​ the outgoing procedure in the morning. First ​Port  Authority, ​and after that Police. At 9 o’clock we are ready to ​sail​ out. We​ are ​ leav​ing​ Lastovo, course 160º. And we are right in the sailing ​heaven – the wind is favorable for the spinnaker​ ​and we​’ve​ sail​ed​ uninterrupted until Tuesday till 6 am …

3rd day, Tuesday 08 May
We are using the motor yet again ​along the Italian coast next to Brindisia and we arrive in Otranto ​at 1 pm. We are responding via channel 16 to the Port Authority and head to the lighthouse Otranto. T​hat is the spot where the Adriatic Sea ​ends ​and ​Ionian sea begins. By the old navy​ custom​, we open a bottle of wine. First of all, we honor the sea (Poseidon) and then ​have toast for leav​ing​ the Adriatic.
We return to Otranto. The berth has already been secured​,​ and ​finally we are there at 3 pm. In the evening we had “indulged” going out, dinner and sightseeing. That’s what we deserve!

Day 4, Wednesday, May 09
Since we are in Italy, we do not miss a morning espresso. After that, we all go to the market. We’ve bought some stuff as a reminder of this adventure and there’s the time to come back.
Exactly at noon we leave from Otranto and sail for the first few hours; light SE wind 8-10 knots. At night, the wind left us and we had to use the motor all night. Without the wind, the sea ​is as calm ​as oil.

5th day, Thursday, May 10th
The most beautiful way to start a day of sailing – a large group of dolphins ​is ​playing around us and following us for two hours.


We ​have done some fishing and soon we got two beautiful ​bonitos. The crew looks cheerful because we do not have to eat cans but fr​esh​ fish!
​And ​​finally – Croatia! We arrive in Lastovo at about ​3 pm, and the police are waiting for us. We have to do formalities with the captain again​,​ and we are ready to continue sailing to Korčula. ​Some rest, and gathering strength for the return to ​Murter.

6th day, Friday 11 May
Early in the morning, around 6, we head for Murter. There are another few hours of sailing ahead and the wind serves us well.
Exactly by plan (we are school​ afterall​ :)) at ​6 pm we arrive in Murter.

This was a really good Italian adventure!

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