ANA Team – From the First Contact to Hoisting the Sails

ANA instructors

Manager, Head Instructor and RYA Principal

Born in Zaostrog, he has been sailing since he was a child. He has been an instructor in ANA since 1992. He has taken part in ‘Columbus’, a regatta celebrating 500 years since the discovery of America. He is one of the chosen few who took part in one of the biggest and hardest regatta in the world, ‘Whitbread’ in 1993/1994, today known as ‘Volvo Ocean Race’. With his Ukrainian crew, Zivko won 7th place in this challenging race.

Zivko is RYA principal, and is in charge of supervising our RYA sailing programs.

You’ll notice his charming personality as soon as you meet him, not just through his sailing skills, but also through his interesting stories. And if you choose Gourmet sailing, get ready for a true hedonistic experience!


Born in Šibenik, resides in Jezera, he has been working with ANA since 2008. Since then, he spends the majority of his time at sea, and we lost count of his numerous miles “under the sails”. Whenever he is not at sea, which is not often, he keeps an eye on the boats. He truly loves the sea and everything about it. He will do everything in his power to take great care of each and every attendant.

It will take you an hour or two to recognise his value, unique style and overwhelming charm, and you will ask to sail with him again!

Tomislav – RYA Chief Instructor

RYA Yachtmaster Instructor in charge for RYA courses. He is also commercially endorsed RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore/Master of Yachts (200 GT). He was building his sailing experience by finishing all ANA courses and by sailing in Great Britain and France as well as a professional skipper. He is a MA of Journalism and he worked in several Croatian daily newspapers. He was an Editor in Chief of the biggest Croatian jobsite as well. Occasionally he writes for the most influential Croatian yachting magazine – More. You can read about his passion for sailing and writing on his blog – Sailosophy.

You will recognise and appreciate his professional approach, outgoing and friendly personality as soon as you meet him. You will feel safe with him and appreciate his patience, and yes, you will give him excellent feedback.

Boris – RYA Cruising Instructor

After attending the basic course at ANA years ago he was crystal clear that this is something he wants to do. One course followed another soon to become a helping instructor at the base. Some more serious sailing and tasting the salt of Atlantic led to RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore/Master of Yachts commercially endorsed certificate. After few seasons as professional skipper and sailing instructor it was time for next step, RYA CI.

Before sailing he was karate instructor, 2nd degree black belt master. Now he is also involved into volunteer sailing program for disabled children.

Sales Manager

She started sailing in ANA back in 1994. She finished all the courses and has taken part in difficult organisations such as ACI Cup which gathers together the best sailors of the world. She has also taken part in many sailboat transfers from Venice to Otrant. She started working in ANA in 1997, and sails for the female sailing team JK ANA, takes part in regattas etc.

You’ll have a hard time finding someone who is more passionate about their job than Sonja. Happily selling sailing as a lifestyle and enjoying it herself at times, all while taking care of almost all customer details… What else is there left to say? 

Sales and Marketing Manager

She comes from a non-sailing related background, but is very experienced in sales. Although she doesn’t possess much experience in sailing(someone has to stay on solid ground, right?), she is forever an optimist. Taking into account today’s world, and the phrase “if it isn’t on the internet, it never happened”, don’t be too surprised if she asks you for some photos or asks you about how you enjoyed your sailing experience. She has specialised in offering complex team building offers, tirelessly looking for hedonistic places in order to provide you with the best experience possible.

Extended ANA Team

Throughout our years, we have educated a large number of high quality instructors. Some of them are continuously with us.  Their contagious enthusiasm and love for the sea and sailing leaves no one indifferent. They are very appreciated by everyone at ANA, as well as participants. We are very happy to have them at our school, because without them, our school would not be what it is.

ANA Sail Instructors