Sailing for Beginners – Sailing for All! Discover the New World!

Sailing for beginners – why sailing?

Sailing has always been associated with research and discovery, but also with the indomitable human spirit and curiosity that drives us farther. This is not surprising, because two thirds of the Earth are covered by seas and oceans, so people quickly realized that if they don’t explore the seas, the whole world will remain hidden from them…

The ‘new world’ was, of course, discovered a long time ago, and today there is a multitude of faster and more efficient ways to get somewhere. Why do people then still sail and sometimes experience suffering and enjoyment at the same time? Probably because, like those ancient, first sailors, they had realized that sailing reveals not only new places but also something much more important – freedom.

In fact, sailing does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, religion, nation, education, profession.. These things are simply not important at sea. Also, it can be whatever it suits you – sports, leisure, pleasure, challenge, adventure … Sailing is also a meditative activity that keeps us nailed to the ‘here and now’, freeing us from the past and future worries and obligations, and allowing us to deal with them better. Also, when sailing we obey the laws and the power of nature, not others, so it balances us with nature.

Basics of sailing – discover a whole new world!

Today, when the whole world has already been discovered, the sea remains the last oasis of freedom. Therefore, if you want to be active during your vacation, gain new knowledge and skills, meet new places and people and truly recharge your batteries, sailing is the ideal activity for you. It can be fun, exciting and relaxing at the same time.

At the Basics of sailing course, you will not only spend the whole day in action and nature, but sailing will immediately ‘kick you out’ of the daily routine. You will soon realize that your daily problems and responsibilities in this ‘new world’, which will begin to unfold to you – are no longer important. Sails, ropes, wind and waves will become important, as well as how to set them all together in a symphony of freedom and pleasure. Join the Basics of sailing course and discover your new world!

Leisure Sailing

Leisure sailing is amazing blend of physical activity, sea, wind, sun and fresh air, away from land and stress will do wonders for your personal peace, inner power and energy. Physical activity, better health, fun, relaxation, socializing with interesting people…

With our skippers and sailboats, the sky is the limit. All you have to do is imagine it.

Some will likely want an action-packed adventure. Can you think of a better adventure than “skipp(er)ing” from one island to another? You may celebrate your birthday in one place, anniversary in another, and the next day you could go to another island and explore it on a bicycle. The prize? Adrenaline-packed days, with relaxing nights completely different from crowded, stuffy clubs.

Bring your family together and have unforgetable holidays with us. Invite your friends. Encourage yourself to come if you are solo traveler.