Sailing Skills Development in ANA – From Sailor to Skipper

Sailing skills development

For almost 30 years, we have been creating future sailors, accompanying them in their initial steps when they fall in love with sailing until their sailing independence and new lifestyle. Learning to sail in our sailing school, means systematically and structurally absorb sailing skills and knowledge. And then implement them in practice under the watchful eye of our experienced instructors and skippers. Although it is said that every start is difficult, once you walk on a boat, these maxima will be taught you incorrectly. Already at the first encounter with the sea, the wind and the sails, a pleasure is beginning which is hardly comparable to anything. Just ask at least one of our 15,000 attendees, and everyone will tell you the same. Sailing is the perfect way to connect with nature, discover its boundaries and enjoy immensely.

Sailing Programs at ANA Sailing School

Our primary interest is to provide participants with the opportunity to acquire and develop sailboat and naval skills through graduated and diverse programs. After beginners, then more advanced programs, attendees can choose some of the challenging and interesting programs for further training, gaining new experiences and collecting miles.

All those who have not yet had the opportunity to sail, start with the course Basics of sailing. Safety on board and on the sea, sailing on the boat, basic direction of sailing, sails and setting the sails, sailing in the course, tack, gybe and sailors knots are just some of the knowledge and skills that you will master in five days on the sailboat.

After the first course, the logical sequence is one of the advanced programs. You can choose between Sailing skills and navigation and return every day after sailing to the base, and the Coastal sailing and the cruising and go to your first cruise. These programs bring upgrading of basic sailing skills, and the goal is to adapt it to sailing and weather conditions. You will repeat and upgrade the knowledge gained at the course of Basic of sailing. Also, you will  learn classic (terrestrial) navigation, sail with the spinnaker, and docking in to the port. You will also do night navigation, and enter new 150 NMs in your logbook.

Sailing as a pleasure

After 10 days of sailing or two courses, you can slowly and safely call yourself the sailor. And a true sailor is always striving for new challenges, still undiscovered landscapes, and of course, gathering experiences and miles. All this is offered by our cruise programs. In a good company discover the beauty of magical places like Korcula, Vis, Dubrovnik

And then – do you want to test your boundaries in offshore sailing to Italy? May acquire a skipper knowledge through a skipper preparation program? The choice is on you!

Scheme attached will help you to perceive integrity and consistency of our courses.


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