The sea, the sails and you – The Ultimate Trio

Sailing trip

The sea, the sails and you – The Ultimate Trio

What do you see when you close your eyes?

Maybe the sea, maybe the sun. Could it be the wind? We’ve got an answer for you – a one-day sailing adventure!

Use one of your days off to sail to Kaprije – pure bliss! Since the old days, people loved being around the seaside, and the fast lives we are living today are making us long for experiencing the true beauty and calmness of nature. A simple, yet amazing idea of travel, which isn’t just going from point A to point B, but also enjoyment and relaxation. And to make your relaxing experience truly unforgettable, you’ll have fresh fish, organic vegetables and traditional Croatian wine and “rakija”.

If we caught your attention – join us!

Why sailing?
The modern way of living has taught us to appreciate free time. Sometimes we don’t have as much as we want, so we want to it on active holidays. Or, at least, a part of it.

It’s known widely that an active vacation in a natural environment is the healthiest vacation you can have. You will have it all – it is interesting, challenging, more complete and healthier. All trends show that in recent period, people enjoy more physical activities during their leisure time, it seems there are more and more adrenaline junkies. That is exactly what sailing is! So, grab your phone and book your First minute sailing course!

Why with us?
Because for the last three decades, in the beautiful surroundings of the sea, sun and wind, we conduct programs of sailing, to provide you with interesting ways of acquiring new skills, to provide you with opportunities to visit new astonishing places while having fun all the time. You will meet people with expectations similar to yours, from all over the globe. You will hang out together and make friends for lifetime. You will develop sailing skills and learn to value and appreciate the nature. You will be physically active and have some time for yourself and other activities if you wish so. That’s why sailing and active holidays.

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