Get to know the hidden bays of Murter and Kornati

Raised sails, sailing boat, sun, whistling winds, sound of the waves, hidden coves, socializing, fun… If this sounds appealing, this is the right program for you!

Goals of this program are to learn to adapt to the sailing maritime zone, the weather conditions using terrestrial navigation and planning the course. This is your first sailing out of base port, and you will return full of impressions and self-confident with your newly acquired skills.


975,00 1.150,00  7.346,14 kn8.664,68 kn

Listed prices include VAT.

In case of cancellation by the participant, A.N.A. will charge the participant in accordance with the following:

  • cancellation up to 30 or more days before the program starts: 20% of the amount paid
  • cancellation between 15 and 29 days before the program starts: 50% of the amount paid
  • cancellation within 14 days before the program starts: 100% of the amount paid
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Advanced Sailing – What makes it advanced?

Advanced sailing will help you gain experience, practise your sailing skills, while some can choose just to relax. After six days on the boat, you are ready for new sailing adventure, like cruising to Korcula and Vis, Dubrovnik…

Here is a brief overview of the knowledge and skills you will acquire in this program.

Preparing sailboat for the cruise

We can say that the sailboat is ready for a cruise when the boat is checked and the fridge is full. Consider all things you will need during the sailing.


Navigation is the skill of taking a boat from one place to another. You will adopt the following terms and use in practice:
Geographical latitude
Geographical longitude
Measurement units in navigation
Orientation at sea
Sea charts
Navigation at night

Sailing in course

If we want to sail from a point A to a point B and the wind allows us to do it without manoeuvring, i.e. we sail in a straight line – that means that we sail in course. You will repeat and perfect: luff up, bear away, tack and gybe.


Very often this type of sail is referred to as an incomprehensible, complicated and expensive sail, very prone to tearing. All of that is true; however, it is also true that the spinnaker is used to increase the boat’s speed when sailing downwind.


Meteorology is the science which investigates weather and weather phenomena in the Earth&’s atmosphere. Term “weather” in its basic sense refers to the changes occurring in the atmosphere, from the sea level to the height of about 10 to 11 km above sea level.


You will practice rescue at sea, and for the practice purpose, we’ll use the buoy.

Approaching the shore

One of the most important exercises at the advanced sailing course; out from marina in to marina, out from marina in to marina, out from marina in to marina …

Maritime radiotelephony service

General connecting procedure
Special procedures
Distress signal and message
Urgency signal and message
Safety signal and message
Priorities in radio communication
System of digital selective calling

General notions on engines

Which engines are more suitable for sails, what they serve and how they are maintained.


Goal: adapting to the sailing area through improving existing sailing skills and acquiring new ones

Age: all adults (from 16 to 18 years of age only with written parental permission)

Minimal experience: 5 days sailing, 100 NM in your logbook

Prerequisites: completed basic sailing course or sailing experience and knowledge of the basic sailing course acquired in another school or otherwise (we reserve the right to assess your skills)

Acquired knowledge: fundamental skills of managing the boat and crew and readiness for taking an exam for licence “Boat skipper B category”; sailed 180 NM (approx.)

Accommodation: onboard

Sailing area: waters of island Murter, Kornati islands

Duration: 6 days

Arrival:   Saturday 6:00 pm

Start:      Sunday 8:30 am

End:        Friday late afternoon

Participants are required to check in on Saturday at 6:00 pm.Official start of the course is on Sunday at 8:30 am.

All participants get a certificate as a recognition of participation and a logbook as a record of acquired skills, nautical miles sailed and weather conditions.

Sailing plan:

Day 1

  • 8:30 am  lessons (navigation, lighthouses, lights at night, radiophony)
  • 10:00 am sailing
  • 5:00 pm return to Jezera

Day 2

  • 8:30 am lessons (spinnaker)
  • 10:00 am sailing
  • 5:00 pm return to Jezera

Day 3

  • 10:00 am departure to the island of Zut / night
    • night navigation (depending on the weather)

Day 4

  • 10:00 am departure and sailing through Kornati
    • ACI marina Piskera / night

Day 5

  • 10:00 am departure and sailing along the south side of Kornat
    • sailing in Zirje, Kaprije, Zminjak / night

Day 6

  • 10:00 am departure and sailing towards Jezera
  • 5:00 pm arrival in Jezera

Sailing plan is subject to change depending on the current weather conditions and the forecast. Night navigation will be sailed in the most favorable weather conditions.

Safety is our priority!


Theoretical and practical part include:

  • safety at sea and onboard
  • preparation of the boat for sailing
  • navigation, geographical latitude and longitude, measurement units in navigation, orientation at sea, sea charts
  • navigation at night
  • sailing in the course
  • spinnaker
  • meteorology (wind, air pressure, cyclones and anticyclones, weather report)
  • man overboard
  • approaching the shore using engine (depending on the availability of the exercise venue)
  • maritime radio telephony service
  • table of VHF services of Croatian shore radio stations
  • general connecting procedure
  • special procedure
  • distress signal and message
  • urgency signal and message
  • safety signal and message
  • usage of the international spelling alphabet
  • system of digital selective calling
  • general notions of engine

For our advanced courses we recommend the following literature: Advanced Sailing Course.

The proposed handbook has been written by our part-time instructor and it is the perfect literature for our advanced courses. The handbook addresses topics of navigation, radiotelephony and sailing with the spinnaker, but it also serves as a lifelong reminder on sailing theory and practice.

The handbook is available at ANA Sail center in Jezera. We highly recommend it!


Sailing gloves, two pairs of non-slip shoes or sneakers, T-shirts and long sleeve shirts, short and long pants, strong sunscreen, a cap or a hat, sunglasses, towels, personal hygiene items, bathing suit, towels, mosquito repellent.If you are sailing during colder months, please bring a warm waterproof jacket, pants and sleeping bag.Please remember to bring personal medications if required.



Please, use the booking system above to get the exact price.

The price includes:        

accommodation onboard, sailing program, an instructor, booklet, logbook, berth in base marina, bed linen, fuel, tourist tax, VAT.        

Additional costs:        

meals for the participant and instructor and other marina’s costs – (approximate cost 120 EUR, meals on board), arrival and departure costs, entrance fee for NP Kornati (approximate cost per boat 120 EUR), parking fee (weekly parking ticket 18 EUR, required payment 01.06.-30.09., otherwise free of charge), travel insurance.

Rates apply to accommodation in double cabins. The upgrade for the use of a single cabin is 40% of the listed price.