Citius! Altius! Fortius!

This adrenaline program which ends by participating in one of the established race, is designed for anyone who wants to try the competitive sailing.

In addition to sailing, program of the race course  is enriched by theoretical preparation that includes the following topics: the history of race and type of racing fields, crew and ship preparation for the regatta, trimming of sails and mast, regatta rules, tactics of start and sailing during the event, signals in the starting procedure, protests and rules of the registration for the event.

In first few days you will sail in local Murter waters and will practice daily until the time of departure to the place of the race. It will be Vis, Jabuka and Sibenik. After sailed regatta awards ceremony, we will continue back to Murter.

Run a bit, and visit a gym before the start of the course, you will be working hard at regatta…



Listed prices include VAT.

In case of cancellation by the participant, A.N.A. will charge the participant in accordance with the following:

  • cancellation up to 30 or more days before the program starts: 20% of the amount paid
  • cancellation between 15 and 29 days before the program starts: 50% of the amount paid
  • cancellation within 14 days before the program starts: 100% of the amount paid

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Regattas are sailing boat races. There are different types of regattas. They can be professional or amateur. Regattas may be organized as championships for a particular area or type of boat. One of the common divisions is to:

  • fleet regattas
  • match race regattas

In fleet regattas a lot of boats compete at the same time. Boats can be different or of the same type. If boats are different, regatta can be open or IMS (names for scoring rules). In match regatta only two boats compete at the same time. Boats are always of the same type or built by the same standards.

The other common division of regattas is to:

  • regatta around the buoys
  • navigational regatta

Regatta around the buoys is always held in some type of the regatta field which is usually determined by the position of the buoys. Boats sail around the buoys in given order. Navigational regatta is held around islands, lighthouses, buoys…

Starting procedure

For spectators probably the most interesting and the most attractive part of the race is its start. The start very often determines the course of the race and can be very exciting and physically demanding for the crew as well. Imaginary starting line is stretched, usually between the Regatta committee boat on one side and the buoy on the other side. Starting line is usually positioned perpendicular to the wind so that boats starts directly into the wind. Time is given to start, it counts down and no boat can cross the starting line until time before the start has elapsed.


Tactics is a very important part of the race sailing. Tactics will depend on type of regatta, type of boat, wind, currents, experience of the crew, configuration of nearby land etc. Only sailors with great knowledge and experience can make good tacticians. Tactics in regatta sailing is a term that covers a very wide area. There are books written only on this subject.

Most popular regattas

Probably the two most famous regattas:

  • America’s Cup – match race around the buoys
  • Volvo Ocean Race (ex Whitbread) – navigational fleet race with all boats built by the same standard (open scoring rules).

ANA is especially proud of having the only Croatian crew member on the Whitbread ever – Zivko Matutinović! Zivko participated on this difficult race in 1993/1994. year, and with the Ukrainian crew on the sailboat Hetman Sahaidachny took seventh place, out of a total of 15 sailing boats! Today, Zivko is the leader of the base in Jezera, and every sailing with him represents the true pleasure and inexhaustible source of sailing and life skills.







Goal: collecting miles, improving sailing skills and enjoy in the race

Age: all adults (from 16 to 18 years of age only with written parental permission)

Min. experience: 10 days sailing, 200 NM in your logbook

Prerequisites: advanced sailing skills; completed Coastal sailing and cruising or Sailing skills and navigation course or equivalent skills acquired in another school or otherwise (we reserve the right to assess your skills)

Acquired knowledge: advanced sailing skills, regatta rules

Accommodation: on board

Sailing area: Adriatic sea (depends on regatta)

Duration: 3-8  days (depends on regatta)

Each participant will receive the certificate as a recognition of participation and logbook as a record of acquired skills, miles sailed and the weather conditions.


Theoretical and practical part includes::

  • History of regattas
  • types of racing fields
  • crew and ship preparation for the regatta
  • trimming of sails and masts
  • racing rules
  • tactics of start and sailing during the event
  • signals in the starting procedure, the protests, the application for the regatta.


Sailing gloves, two pairs of non-slip shoes or sneakers, T-shirts and long sleeve shirts, short and long pants, strong sunscreen, a cap or a hat, sunglasses, towels, personal hygiene items, bathing suit, towels, mosquito repellent.

You are advised to bring sailing suit or a warm, waterproof jacket, pants and sleeping bag.

Personal medications if required.


No available regattas at the moment.

Please, use the booking system above to get the exact price, the system calculates EUR price based on the current exchange rate.

The price includes:  sailing program, an instructor, booklet, logbook, berth in base marina,  fuel, regatta fee, VAT.        

Additional costs:        

accommodation, meals for the participant and instructor and other marina’s costs – (approximate cost 120 EUR, meals on board), arrival and departure costs, parking fee (weekly parking ticket 18 EUR, required payment 01.06.-30.09., otherwise free of charge), travel insurance.

Simple accommodation onboard is subject to availability. To book, please contact us, or call us +385 51 711 814.The symbolic price of the accommodation onboard for 5 nights is total 250 Kn ( 33 EUR). The price includes bed linen, tourist tax and VAT.

Rates apply to accommodation in double cabins. The upgrade for the use of a single cabin is 60% of the listed price.