Take the helm! Sail on your own!

You gathered sailing experience and knowledge on courses, while sailing with others and reading books. You think it’s time to set sails on your own and you would like to acquire enough skills to take the responsibility of a skipper. Besides that, you would like to get a certificate that’s accepted as a licence valid for renting a boat or even working worldwide*. Come for the RYA Day Skipper Practical – Advanced course.

*Besides RYA Day Skipper certificate you would need VHF certificate too to drive or charter a yacht in Croatia.

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Listed prices include VAT.

In case of cancellation by the participant, A.N.A. will charge the participant in accordance with the following:

  • cancellation up to 30 or more days before the program starts: 20% of the amount paid
  • cancellation between 15 and 29 days before the program starts: 50% of the amount paid
  • cancellation within 14 days before the program starts: 100% of the amount paid
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RYA Day Skipper – who should apply?

RYA Day Skipper – Advanced Practical Course is for those who want to bring their existing sailing skills and knowledge to a higher level. For those who would like to handle a sailing yacht on their own. As well as to take all skipper responsibilities and duties. By day, in good weather conditions, in known area, along the coast. Besides that it’s for all that want to learn by internationally accepted program of the British Royal Yacht Association. After the successful completion of the course get awarded an internationally accepted certificate.


Island of Murter in the heart of ancient Dalmatia and its nearby islands and villages provide a perfect setting for the sailing course. It’s where the blue colours of the sea compete every day in the beauty of their spectre and where the warm sun and a gentle sea breeze with a taste of salt and a scent of pine trees provide excellent conditions for sailing in t-shirts. As well as for swimming in the crystal clear sea.

Regardless if you’re alone or with your friends and family, feel free to contact us.

RYA Day Skipper – what will you learn?

At RYA Day Skipper – Advanced practical course you will learn about responsibilities of a skipper and effective communication with the crew. The course is very hands on and most of the course you will be in the role of skipper. Besides sailing, you will have to take care about all the other aspects of life aboard. You will handle the food, water, electricity, fuel, engine and sails as well as safety procedures.

After instructors’ explanation and demonstration you will take the helm. You wills ailing out of a berth, docking, anchoring, buoy catching, helming. You’ll learn how to manoeuvre in close quarters as well as in the man overboard situation. You will be responsible for the safety of the crew and the boat as well as for navigation. You’ll need to follow the weather forecast, keeping a good lookout. You will experience a night sail too.

Learn from the pro

You will learn in practice how to plan a cruise, use nautical maps,  prepare and execute a passage plan, to sail in channels. Also how to lead a ships’ log and how to determine you position with hand bearing compass and use of GPS. Besides that you will improve your knowledge on weather and how it’s affecting on sailing. You will learn where to find a weather forecast, how to read it as well as how the tides affect sailing.

RYA Day Skipper course is focused on bringing already existing skills to a higher level. And on practical applying of already existing theory knowledge. Although attending prior RYA courses isn’t a prerequisite for a RYA Day Skipper course it’s strongly recommended. Also, in order for you to be able to follow the syllabus of the course your previous theory knowledge has to be on the level of successfully completed RYA Day Skipper theory course and your practical skills have to be at least on the level of successfully completed RYA Competent Crew course.

As a part of the course you will get very illustrative handbook. It will help you to master the syllabus of the course. Every morning the course starts with theory lesson. After that we sail till lunch break. Refreshed, we sail till docking for the night in the late afternoon.

RYA Day Skipper – Certificate after the course

After you successfully finish the course and after positive evaluation of your progress you will get internationally accepted RYA Day Skipper certificate. That confirms that you have successfully covered all parts of the RYA Day Skipper syllabus. You will also get a RYA Logbook as a confirmation of your miles sailed, acquired skills and knowledge.

If you commercially endorse your RYA Day Skipper certificate you can even find an engagement with it internationally, with respect to limitations.


RYA Day Skipper course aim: To bring already existing sailing knowledge and skills to a higher level and to become capable to skipper a sailing yacht during the day, in good weather conditions, in known area along the coast.

Skills and knowledge after the RYA Day Skipper course:

  • Preparing the yacht and the crew for sailing
  • Communication with the crew
  • Boat handling using sails and motor
  • Setting sails out of a dock and docking
  • Anchoring and buoy catching
  • Use of nautical maps and aids
  • Navigation – calculating position and heading
  • Use of GPS
  • Tides
  • Passage planning & executing
  • Pilotage
  • Weather and forecast
  • Rules of the road
  • Engine check
  • Safety measures
  • Man overboard
  • Night cruising

Experience after the RYA Day Skipper course:

  • 5 days aboard a yacht, 100+ nautical miles – logged in the RYA Logbook

Certificate after the RYA Day Skipper course:

  • RYA Day Skipper, after instructor’s positive evaluation of the progress during the course


Conditions/Prerequisites for the RYA Day Skipper course

Minimum age:

  • 16 years (16 – 18 accompanied by a parent or guardian)

Pre-course experience:

  • Minimum 5 days aboard of a sailing yacht, 100 NM, 4 hours of night sailing
  • Attending previous RYA courses is strongly recommended although it isn’t a condition to apply for a course. In order to be able to apply for a course and follow the syllabus your practical skills have to be on the level of successfully completed RYA Competent Crew course. Instructor will test your practical skills first day of the course.

Pre-course assumed knowledge:

  • Attending RYA Day Skipper theory course is strongly recommended although it isn’t a condition to apply for a course. In order to be able to apply for a course and follow the syllabus your knowledge has to be on the level of successfully completed RYA Day Skipper theory course. Instructor will test your knowledge first day of the course.

Number of students:

Minimum preconditions:

  • Swimming skills and readiness for physical activity


Program of the RYA Day Skipper course


  • 5 days

Language of the course:

  • English

Arrival and first meeting:

  • Saturday – 18:00*, ANA office, ACI marina Jezera, Obala Sv. Ivana BB, Jezera

*Please be so kind and let the instructor know if you’re not able to arrive on timeStart of the course:

  • Sunday morning

Daily schedule:

  • Theory introduction
  • Sailing
  • Lunch break
  • Sailing
  • Docking for the night

End of the course:

  • Thursday afternoon


  • Aboard of a sailing yacht in a double bed cabins (one bed cabins available upon additional payment)

Sailing area:

  • Island of Murter and its’ neighbouring islands and villages, Šibenik archipelago – Prvić, Zlarin, Tijat, Kaprije, Kakan, Žirje. Skradin and National Park Krka as well as National Park Kornati and its’ archipelago.

Sailing plan is subject to change depending on the current weather conditions and the forecast. Safety first!

Literature: Day Skipper practical course notes



Sailing gloves, two pairs of non-slip shoes or sneakers, T-shirts and long sleeve shirts, short and long pants, strong sunscreen, a cap or a hat, sunglasses, towels, personal hygiene items, bathing suit, towels, mosquito repellent.If you are sailing during colder months, please bring your sailing suit, or a warm, waterproof jacket, pants (and a sleeping bag if you prefer).Please remember to bring personal medications if required.



Please, use the booking system above to get the exact price.

Price of the RYA Day Skipper course includes:

  • Accommodation aboard a sailing yacht – 6 nights
  • 5 days of sailing
  • Instructor
  • Mooring fees in ACI marina Jezera
  • Course materials
  • RYA certificate for the level completed during the course
  • RYA Logbook
  • Bed linen
  • Final cleaning
  • Tourist tax
  • VAT

Not included in price of the RYA Day Skipper course:

  • Flights/other transportation to/from the base and parking costs
  • Personal medical and travel insurance
  • Harbour fees of other Marinas, out of the base in ACI marina Jezera
  • National parks entry fees
  • Food and drink aboard and ashore
  • Accommodation ashore outside course date

Rates apply to accommodation in double cabins. The upgrade for the use of a single cabin is 40% of the listed price.

The format of the dates is European (DD.MM.YYYY)