Sailing School ANA – Where We Are And How To Reach Us

Sailing school ANA -where are we?

Sailing school ANA is placed in ACI Marina Jezera on the island of Murter, in the heart of Dalmatia. Jezera is a small town on the southeast side of the island. It is connected to the mainland with a drawbridge over a narrow sea passage. The town is indented in a bay shaped like a horseshoe, which is surrounded with gentle hills. Due to its natural position the town is not exposed to strong wind gusts so its bay is ideal for docking and ship habitation. Jezera, once exclusively a fisherman town, is still known as the most important starting point for fishing Adriatic tuna.

The natural gift, beauty, and jagged Adriatic coast is something unusual and rare, and it represents a true encounter with the sea.

In the waters of the ancient waterways, upon the hands of old Turkish, Venetian, and Croatian warriors and sailors, a tumultuous history was written, whose symbols and heritage are intertwined in its natural ambient. The vicinity of two national parks, Krka and Kornati – makes the position of our base especially spectacular.

Island Murter and surroundings

Murter island, where sailing school ANA is located, is the southern entrance to the Kornati National Park from the sea. Kornati are the most closely distributed archipelago in the entire Mediterranean Sea. They are spread over the surface of 320 km2 and they include about 150 islets and rocks, that is, units that are permanently or occasionally above sea level. The relatively large distance from the mainland, biological richness of the maritime area, pirate raids and restless land area in the past, pastures but also barren karst soil, safe shelter from bad weather at sea… These are all reasons why Kornati, throughout human history, have always been both a hospitable and inhospitable area. Constantly on the brink of being inhabited and uninhabited, peace and turmoil, and wealth and poverty, Kornati were the area of ​​concern and interests of many cultures, and today primarily for boaters.

East of Jezera and our base, after navigating between islands and passing beside St. Nicholas fortress, we are entering a deep bay, where the old royal city of Šibenik is located. The core of the city is carved in stone and rocks, surrounded by three fortresses and the St. James cathedral which is enlisted on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Navigating further on, the intensity of Mediterranean sun is soothed by the greenery and tranquility of the estuary of the Krka River.

After sailing into Skradin, or Skradona in Roman times, you will experience one of the liveliest towns on the Adriatic Sea. We are also entering National park Krka here, rich with karst phenomena… Travertine shaped sills, travertine islets, curtains and barriers, and caves through which numerous waterfalls flow.

In the shade of lush Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean vegetation, visitors are offered the rare possibility to directly experience the unique micro cosmos of magical sounds, lights, colours and mysterious world of flora and fauna of the Krka River.

How to reach us?

Highway A1 – exit Pirovac
Croatia has a modern road network. Highways from the border crossings e.g. Bregana and Macelj (border with Slovenia – connection to Austria, Italy). Goričan (border with Hungary – connection to Central Europe). Rupa (border with Slovenia – connection to Italy). Lipovac (border with Serbia – connection to Eastern Europe)… Enable quick and easy access by car to the Adriatic Sea, and our base on Murter. You should leave highway A1 at the Pirovac exit, and after 22 km you will arrive in Jezera, Murter.  The island of Murter is connected to the mainland by a drawbridge, over a narrow seaway. The bridge rises twice a day for 30 minutes during the summer time.

Within less than an hour drive from Jezera, you can reach the airports in Split (92 km) and Zadar (69 km).

We organize transfer from the airport to sailing school ANA at the price of 60 EUR per transfer from the Zadar airport, and 90 EUR per transfer from the Split airport.

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