ANA Sailing School – More Than 30 Years Under The Sails

ANA Sailing School and RYA Training Centre

ANA Sailing School (Academia Navalis Adriatica, Adriatic Nautical Academy) is an international sailing school which has been successfully attended by more than 16 000 participants.

It was founded by Veljko Barbieri and Cino Ricci. They created the program and teaching methodology with the primary mission being promotion of sailing. After carefully looking for the best location for the school, an archipelago of island Murter has been chosen, due to its perfect climate suitable for year-round sailing. We are still here today.

Our professional instructors have sailed thousands of miles and they guarantee the best quality of education with their vast experience. During its existence, ANA has created a reputation and experience that is in line with the world’s most famous sailing schools. We proudly point out that we are a certified RYA training center (Royal Yachting Association), with the license to issue internationally approved sailing certificates.

Our former participants are happy Skippers today, highly competitive and medal winning sailors or just pleasure sailors. RYA training is here to give you the best education and experience, and ANA sailing school will make the best out of you.


Sailing in Croatia

Our coast allows each visitor to get in touch with something unusual and rare – a genuine touch with the sea! With surroundings as magnificent as that, our sailing school grew to a school of living at the sea. This is exactly why our boats can be seen from all over the coast; Korcula, Dubrovnik, Vis and even further,  Italy.

In ANA sailing school we are continuously discovering new and exciting sailing routes, in order to teach in various surroundings. As we are aware of the always changing trends in sailing, we adjust programs to satisfy certain expectations of our customers.

This way, anyone can find a suitable program for themselves. The entire training to become a skipper. Customised programs for groups, families with children, programs that will push you to your limits and all kinds of intense or relaxing cruises. We also offer team building programs for companies which understand the importance of a highly productive teams. Sailing is the perfect activity for creating a happy, productive team.

During all off our courses, we pay a lot of attention to the safety of our attendants and are doing our utmost best to give you our love, knowledge and experience, not only for the sea and sailing, but also for all our surroundings.

We are happy that thousands of participants have given us their trust in recent years and we are looking forward to many more who will do the same.

Sail with us!